Why Routines Are Essential for Toddlers

Why Routines Are Essential for Toddlers

Raising toddlers can be a handful for any parent. In addition to keeping up with these rambunctious little ones, it is important that you are doing your best to give your child a sense of normalcy and security, and one of the best ways to do that is by creating a routine for your toddler.

This will give your child a sense of consistency. Routines should include making sure your child gets up at the same time and goes to bed at the same time, but other events should be kept on a schedule as well. This includes bath time, naptime and mealtime as well as playtime. The more consistent events are each and every day, the better it will be for our child. Here are just a few of the many perks of creating and sticking to a routine each and every day.

  • It helps your child sleep. If you have a young child, then you know just how rare sleep can be. Creating a routine for your child can help set their internal clock and help your little one get to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer. If you want to make sure your child is not only sleeping through the night but falling asleep on time, a schedule is key.
  • It helps your child develop expectations. If there is no schedule in place, certain things can be very overwhelming for your child. Toddlers don’t really like surprises or the unknown. So, instead of having to argue every evening about putting away toys or getting in the bath, your child will be ready for what is to come, and the idea of doing an activity they may not normally enjoy, won’t seem as overwhelming.
  • It can give your family quality time together. Creating a routine and getting everyone on the same schedule, not only benefits your child individually but it also benefits your entire family. It not only gives you time to all bond together, but it shows your child how important it is to do things together with their family, such as eating meals together.
  • It can help your child be more independent. When you establish a routine and your child begins to pick up on when it is time to do certain activities, it can help them learn to do certain things on their own. If there is a set time for them to put on their pajamas at night, your toddler may start to do these tasks on their own, instead of waiting to be told what to do. It will help your little one feel more confident, empowered and independent. This is not only good for your child’s self-esteem, but it means they are less likely to rebel when they are instructed to do something.

It is so important to have a routine for your toddler. If you have questions about the benefits of a set routine or tips on how to create a routine that works for your child, contact Continuum Pediatrics by calling 817-617-8600. We can help answer all of your questions and make sure you and your toddler have a routine that works great for everyone.