5 Ways to Raise a Healthy Eater

5 Ways to Raise a Healthy Eater

Nutrition is so important for kids especially at an early age. It is essential that little ones are not only eating enough but that they are eating healthy, nutritious foods. However, that can sometimes be easier said than done. After all, the average child is going to enjoy chips and chocolate more than fruits and vegetables. This is why it is so important for parents to teach their children to be healthy eaters and to help their kids get in the habit of eating healthy.


Here are five ways that you can start raising a healthy eater that will not only enjoy eating healthy foods when they are in front of them, but that will also develop healthy eating habits for years to come.


  1. Start With Healthy Eating Habits Early- It is so much easier to help your child form early healthy eating habits right away, then to try to change their habits when they are older. Start as early as possible. This includes allowing your baby to be done with their bottle when they are full, instead of forcing them to finish. This is actually a great way to teach children to listen to their hunger cues, and it can prevent obesity later on.
  2. Make Fruits and Veggies a Way of Life- The best way to make sure little ones, like toddlers, don’t form unhealthy eating habits is to start making healthy eating a way of life from the beginning. Many parents are busy or get frustrated when kids are picky eaters and ultimately give into sweets and fast food. Do your best to avoid this. Fill your toddler’s plate with fruits and vegetables, so they naturally think of them as normal, delicious foods instead of being “forced” to eat healthy over pizza.
  3. Be Careful About What Your Child is Drinking- Focusing on eating the right foods is important, but you also need to pay close attention to what your child is drinking. Juice, soda, and sports drinks are filled with sugar and can lead to a pretty serious sweet tooth in some kids. It can also cut your kid’s appetite. Your child should be drinking mostly water, especially when they are thirsty.
  4. Set An Example- We all know that kids love to mimic their parents, for better or for worse. So, if you want to teach your child to be a healthy eater, you are going to need to be a healthy eater yourself.
  5. Put Your Child on Schedule- By age one, your child should be eating meals and having scheduled snack time during the day. It is important to make a schedule and stick to it. A great way to do this is to make sure that you are taking away the food you serve if your child doesn’t eat it within 20 minutes. It will help them stay on a schedule, prevent overeating later on, and it will help your child learn about listening to their bodies when they are hungry.


Proper nutrition is so important for kids of all ages. Here at Continuum Pediatrics, we can help you learn more about adequate childhood nutrition and help you gain a better understanding of the best ways to raise a healthy eater. You can schedule an appointment with us by calling 817-617-8600 to learn more and to make sure you are setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.