How Can I Get My Child to Sleep on Their Own?

How Can I Get My Child to Sleep on Their Own?

Every child is different, and as they grow older, every child goes through different phases that they and their parents must work through. For many toddlers, one of the biggest issues they have has to do with sleep. So many little ones still don’t sleep on their own and in their own beds. This is known as co-sleeping (or sleeping in a family bed), and it can lead to a lack of sleep. This can result in more meltdowns, tantrums, and crankiness, and it can also be difficult for parents as well.

This is why it is so important for toddlers to develop good sleeping habits, and to start sleeping in their own beds. If you are struggling with this transition, here are a few practical tips to try with your toddler.

  1. Set a precedent before Before bedtime make sure that your child knows the expectations: mom and dad sleep in their bed while kids sleep in their own bed. A gentle reminder for when it is time to drift off will only help your child when the time comes.
  2. Know when to start sleep training. If you really want to make a push and to help your toddler learn to sleep in their own bed, it is important that you are careful to pick the right time to start with this latest endeavor. Don’t try to do it while you are traveling or when you are in the middle of potty training—wait till you have a set routine, and the process will go much smoother.
  3. Stop sharing the bed altogether. The best way to see results with sleep training is to make sure that you are staying firm with your rules. Once you decide that you are no longer co-sleeping, sharing the bed should stop entirely. No “special occasions” no snuggling in bed until your toddler falls asleep, nothing. You need to be firm on this one, or it will never stick.
  4. Do your best not to follow the path of least resistance. You need to keep your end goal in mind when it comes to sleep training your child. There are many parents who have good intentions of teaching their child to sleep on their own, only to find these intentions are broken when their little one comes into their room in the middle of the night. It is normal for an exhausted parent to let a whiny toddler crawl into bed, but you need to be willing to say “no” if you ever want your child to learn. Otherwise, they will keep coming into your bed in the middle of the night looking to crawl in.


There is a great deal of debate regarding the topic of co-sleeping, and while there are safe ways to co-sleep with your children, it may be interfering with their sleeping patterns. If you are looking for a way to help your child start sleeping out of your bed and on their own give these tips a try. If you still have questions about healthy sleeping habits for your toddler, you can always make an appointment here at Continuum Pediatrics. Give us a call at 817-617-8600.