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Dr. Mandal was born in New Jersey and lived in 13 states before graduating high school at age 14. She moved to Texas to raise her family and has lived in the Keller area since 2006. When she is away from the office, she enjoys cooking for her two young boys and for her husband, a local gastroenterologist. In her free time, Dr. Mandal also loves to stay active by running.


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Dr. Wesp was born and raised in Temple, TX. She is a science-fiction enthusiast and feels that there is nothing better than the Harry Potter series. She cannot wait to enjoy the books with her two young daughters. After she puts her girls down for the evening, she often picks up a crochet project and watches the Doctor Who TV show or squeezes in time to catch up on her reading list.


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Dr. Becker grew up in Fort Worth, TX. She enjoys the challenge of finding fun new recipes and restaurants that both her daughter and husband will love. She frequently dominates at Settler of Catan on game nights, is the queen at bargain shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, and her favorite rainy-day pastime is catching up on romantic comedy movies.