5 Questions to Ask Before a Play Date

5 Questions to Ask Before a Play Date

Playdates are important for kids of all ages. They are not only fun for kids and encourage little ones to get out and play, and use their imagination, but they are essential for socialization as well. Playdates can help teach your child about interacting with others and help them feel comfortable when communicating with their peers.

However, while it is important for parents to encourage their children to go on playdates when possible, it is also important that parents prepare for playdates and take a few extra precautions before their children go to one of these organized get-togethers.

As a parent, you can never be too careful about where your child goes and what they do, particularly when you aren’t around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you send your child over on a playdate, after all, you are putting your children in the hands of another family. Here are a few questions to ask.

  1. Who will be home? You should be aware of who will be in the home during the playdate and who will be supervising your child during this get-together. It is important to make sure that an adult caregiver will be present—never just assume.
  2. Are there pets in the home? If your child has allergies or a fear of certain animals, you should always check about pets in the home. You should also know whether or not this family’s pets are good around kids and if the kids will be around these animals unsupervised.
  3. Are there guns in the home? What many parents don’t realize is that 1/3 of homes with children in them have a gun in them. You should know if there are guns present and whether or not those guns are locked away.
  4. What will the kids be doing? You should know about any planned activities for your children and be aware of what they will be doing during this play date. This can also help you make sure your child is bringing the right things, like a bike helmet or swim attire.
  5. Will the kids be on the internet? You need to make sure that the other family understands your rules about the internet and internet access.
  6. Will you be driving the kids anywhere? It is important to know if someone else will be driving your children. This also gives you the opportunity to make sure that this family has your car seat or booster seat.
  7. What can I do to help? It is always polite to ask to bring something over for a playdate. After all, the family will be watching your child. You should also be clear on any rules that the other family has in their home, so you can prepare your child for respectfully spending time in someone else’s home.

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