5 Signs It’s Time to Start Potty Training

5 Signs It’s Time to Start Potty Training

As any parent of a toddler will tell you, potty training is one of the biggest milestones for a growing little one. Potty training is a big deal for both parents and toddlers and is a big accomplishment for everyone involved. Every child progresses with potty training at different times and at a different rate. So, how do parents know when it’s time to start the potty training process? Here are a few signs that your child is ready to begin potty training.

  1. Your Child Has Better Bladder Control

If you have noticed that your child is able to go longer and longer without wetting their diapers, then it means they are developing better bladder control. When you start seeing your child go a few hours with a dry diaper, it means they are developing the muscles needed to “hold it.” This is a sign that it’s time to start introducing your child to the potty.

  1. Your Child Understands Their Body Functions

When your little one has started to notice that they have gone to the bathroom or can name the functions, it is a good sign that he or she understands the process. They may tell you that they are about to go or that they have just gone in their diaper or show interest in others going to the bathroom. If your child has no awareness of what going to the bathroom really is, it can be difficult to teach them about potty training.

  1. Your Child Is Pulling at a Wet or Dirty Diaper

When your child starts pulling at a dirty or wet diaper, it is a sign that they are ready. This shows that your child is aware of how uncomfortable their dirty diaper is and that they want to start taking control of this situation themselves.

  1. Your Child Has the Motor Skills to Handle the Job

For young children, the actual process of going to the bathroom is actually quite challenging. They need to be able to squat down, pull their pants up and down and sit quietly in the same spot for at least two minutes. If your child is unable to do these things, it can make going potty a challenge.

  1. Your Child Can Follow Directions

Some children are better at following simple instructions than others. If your child can follow simple directions like “grab your stuffed animal,” it is a sign that they will be able to follow the simple instructions needed to learn how to use the toilet with success.

As a parent, it can be easy to want to start potty training as soon as possible, but if you want your children to succeed, it is important to wait until they are ready.

Remember, every child is unique, so just because a friend has started potty training at a certain age, it doesn’t mean that your child is necessarily ready. These signs are more indicative than just your child’s age. If you have any questions about the potty training process or whether or not your child is ready, contact Continuum Pediatrics at 817-617-8600 to schedule an appointment.