5 Ways to Adjust to Being a Mom of Twins

5 Ways to Adjust to Being a Mom of Twins

5 Ways to Adjust to Being a Mom of Twins

Having twins can be so rewarding and fulfilling for any family.  However, having twins can also be very overwhelming and a lot to take on for any mom.  Whether twins are your first children, or you have had kids before, there is something unique about being a mom of twins.  While nothing can ever prepare you for having twins, there are a few tips to consider that can help you with this adjustment.

Here are a few pointers, from moms who have done it before, on how to adjust to being a “twin mom.”

  1. Remember, Take it One Day at a Time- Having a baby can be a big life change for any person and any family. It can be even more overwhelming when you have two babies at once. It is going to be stressful, and difficult, but just remember to take things one day at a time and try not to be too hard on yourself.  The right attitude can go a long way.


  1. Ask for Help- There is no point in trying to be a hero and do everything on your own. Twins can be hard, and after all they are going to outnumber you as a mom, so feel free to ask for help.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family and to take people up when they offer to babysit. You are going to need all the extra hands you can get.


  1. Be Prepared to Buy New Gear in Advance- As soon as you can, start buying twin gear for your little ones. There are so many great carriers, strollers, and accessories designed with twins in mind—get as many things as you can to make life easier—especially for when the twins are infants, the littlest things can go a long way.


  1. Get Everyone on the Same Schedule- Moms of twins will learn right away that schedule is everything when it comes to managing two babies. Everyone in the family should try to get on the same schedule. This also means feeding, changing and putting the twins down together. Nursing twin infants can be a big undertaking, and you won’t be able to do it on-the-go like moms of single babies. However, if you schedule it out and are prepared to sit and feed, it can get everyone on a routine that works.


  1. Start Bonding Individually Right Away- As a mom of twins, many times, all you can try to do is to keep your head above water and keep everyone in clean clothes. However, when you are able, make sure that you take the time to really bond with each of your twins separately—just as you would with an individual child. One-on-one time, even when they are infants is essential to creating that lasting bond that you and your children will share.

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