How to Connect with Your Kids during the Holidays

How to Connect with Your Kids during the Holidays

snowman familyIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why is it supposed to be so wonderful? Because it’s a time to gather with family and loved ones and build lasting memories. But with all the hustle and bustle that often comes with this time of year, sometimes it’s hard to remember to take time out for those closest to us.

Today, we want to share some ways you can capitalize on this chance to spend time with your kids and make those happy memories.

  1. Start a new holiday tradition. The sky is the limit. You could decide on a special meal for Christmas morning or play board games on Christmas Day. Rent your favorite holiday movies and make a movie night out of it. Find ways your family can serve others together (read this list for 20 awesome ideas).
  2. Let the kids help with the cooking. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean put them in charge of dinner, but find tasks that they can easily help with, like mashing the potatoes or mixing the batter or decorating the cookies. Put on some Christmas tunes and have a sing-along while you cook.
  3. Take a drive to see Christmas lights. Maybe you know of a neighborhood nearby that goes all out every year. Most of the displays stay up until New Year’s Day, so you can still see them even if you can’t make it before Christmas.
  4. Have everyone make their own Christmas ornament. Click here for 36 easy, DIY ideas for adorable ornaments to hang on the tree this year. The kiddos (and you) will have a blast making them, and every year you’ll be reminded of the good times you shared when you pull these ornaments out to decorate the tree.

When Duty Calls

Wouldn’t it be great if we all got the same time off around the holidays as our kids? While some people are lucky enough to get a few days of vacation around this time, the vast majority of us still have to clock in. What are we supposed to do with our kids when they’re at home and we’re not? If your kids still need supervision, here are some tips:

  1. Is extended family in town for the holidays? Ask if someone would be willing to stay with the kids while you’re at work.
  2. If both you and your spouse work, consider making arrangements to work from home (if you can) or changing to a flex schedule while school is out (so one parent is home in the morning and the other one’s home in the afternoon).
  3. Check to see if there are any special holiday programs or camps available at the YMCA or the local recreation center.

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