Helping Your Noise-Sensitive Child Enjoy Fireworks

Helping Your Noise Sensitive Child Enjoy Fireworks

Helping Your Noise-Sensitive Child Enjoy Fireworks

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, families and children of all ages are getting ready to enjoy fireworks. Fireworks can help some children make lasting memories during this time of year and can be a lot of fun for many young people. But for some children, fireworks can be terrifying. This is particularly true for children who have noise sensitivities.

Some children are born with temperaments that can make them more sensitive to loud noises. However, it doesn’t mean that all children need to be inside and completely avoid any celebrations for the Fourth of July. We have a few tips to help your noise-sensitive child enjoy all of the fun that comes with the Fourth of July and fireworks.

Here are a few of our biggest tips to keep in mind:

  • Make a “safe plan.” Your child should always know that they have somewhere to go in case they get too overwhelmed. Go over your “safe plan” ahead of time, so your child knows that they can always escape the fireworks. It will make things seem less overwhelming if the fireworks are too loud.
  • Try earbuds or white noise. You can use kid-friendly earbuds to block out the noise or play music or white noise through your phone or tablet with headphones. Sometimes muffling the sound can be enough to make fireworks more comfortable.
  • Take note of the circumstances. It’s no secret that many children are afraid of the dark, and the anticipation of a noisy event like fireworks can make that even scarier. This may be an excellent time to utilize your bedtime tips like carrying your child/keeping some form of physical contact and having a small light nearby to bring an extra level of comfort.
  • Don’t force it. Sometimes providing your children with incentives to sit through fireworks can be an excellent way for them to overcome their fear and realize that fireworks don’t have to be scary. However, you don’t want to force your child into fireworks too much. After all, if you don’t attend fireworks very often, it may not be worth the struggle.
  • Be understanding. It can be easy for parents to overlook a fear of fireworks, but it is important not to dismiss it. It is entirely natural for some children to be overly sensitive to fireworks, so they shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about this reaction.
  • Prepare for other factors. Distracting, uncomfortable factors like bug bites, heat, thirst, and hunger before the fireworks begin may also inhibit this experience, so prepare for these things ahead of time.
  • Get to the bottom of the issue. You must be able to determine whether your children are just scared of fireworks, or if there is another condition to blame. This is where an appointment with your doctor can come in.

Although noise-sensitivity can be a significant factor in your child’s negative view of fireworks, there may be other factors that impact their enjoyment of loud events. Holding your child in your lap, making sure they are well-rested earlier in the day, and aren’t afraid of the surrounding darkness may help ease the overall experience.

If you have more questions about noise sensitivities or ways you can keep your children more comfortable around these annual celebrations—contact the experts at Continuum Pediatrics today. You can reach us at 817-617-8600 to schedule your appointment today.