How to Burp Your Baby

How to burp your baby

How to Burp Your Baby

Most parents know that when they have a newborn baby who is just starting to eat and feed, they need to also be ready to burp. Helping your baby burp will help your child release uncomfortable gas build-up. Burping your baby after they eat may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually very important for your child and an important part of their routine.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends burping your baby regularly after meals even if they don’t show discomfort or gas relief when you do burp them. If you fail to burp your baby, your child may get quite fussy and uncomfortable.

If you have never burped a baby before, or have questions about the best way to properly burp your baby, you will find there are a few different common positions. Here are a few different positions you can try.

Burping Over the Shoulder 

This is perhaps the most common burping position for babies. You can stand or sit comfortably and hold your baby under their bottom so they have plenty of support. Position the baby so that they are looking over your shoulder and their chin can rest on a soft cloth to absorb spit-up.

With one hand holding the baby in place, use the other hand to lightly pat their back, between their shoulder blades, to encourage them to burp.

Burping While Sitting on Your Lap

If your baby takes a long time to burp, this may be a more comfortable position. Place your baby sideways on your lap, sitting up, and have their chest leaning forward. You will need to support your child’s head and chest by resting your hand comfortably under their chin. Then begin lightly burping them.

Burping Face-Down in the Lap

Some parents also enjoy this face-down method, where you lay your baby across your knees face down Make sure you are holding them in place so their belly and head are slightly higher than the rest of their body. Then, begin firmly rubbing and patting their back until they burp.

Typically, you will need to plan on burping your baby for about a minute or so until they burp. If you don’t get a burp in this time. Take a brief break, shift positions, and try again.

If you have more questions about burping your baby, or about what you can do to help your infant with gas and other health concerns, contact the doctors here at Continuum Pediatrics for help. Simply give our office a call at 817-617-8600 to schedule an appointment with us today.