How to Keep the Whole Family from Getting Sick

How to Keep the Whole Family from Getting Sick

Sickness may not be something that you associate with the summertime, but it happens more often than not. Whether you’re looking forward to your annual family vacation, or you’re just planning to stay home this season, here are some pointers to help prevent you and your family from getting sick this summer.

Strengthen Your Immune System

There are three easy things that you and your family can do to strengthen your immune systems: eat a well-balanced diet, stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest. Another important consideration is to make sure your child is up to date on their vaccinations.

Well-Balanced Diet

One of the best things you can do for your body is to provide it with healthy nutrients. This can be a difficult challenge in the summer months. The kids are home from school, and if you do decide to take a vacation, eating well is probably the last thing on your mind. For adolescents who are old enough to stay home alone, provide healthy snack alternatives like citrus fruits, almonds, and low-sugar yogurts. When traveling away from and home cooking a healthy meal is not possible, split your entrée with someone in your family when dining at a restaurant. Restaurant portion sizes are not always appropriate for one person. Also make a point to load up on veggies as your side dishes. You can take little steps to make sure your family continues to eat healthily which will help their bodies remain strong against summer illnesses.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to remember to drink plenty of water during the summer. Not only does this help to avoid complications associated with the summer months like dehydration and heat stroke, but water is also a necessity for keeping your body functioning properly. Water allows for your body to take in, distribute, and absorb nutrients, as well as to remove waste you no longer need. It helps to carry white blood cells and other immune system cells throughout the body to help prevent or stop sickness in its tracks.

Stay Rested

One of the most overlooked and easiest ways you and your family can avoid sickness is to get plenty of sleep. In this busy age, it’s difficult to get the recommended number of hours of sleep. However, try to get in the habit of getting a good night’s sleep and make it a family priority. Sleep is considerably more important for children and teens in that it plays a significant role in the overall development of their bodies. Adequate sleep improves their immune system, school performance, behavior, memory, and mental health. For more information on the benefits of sleep and the amount of sleep your children should get, click here.

Another tip to consider to keep your family healthy this summer:

Wash Your Hands

It might be common knowledge, but washing your hands often is one of the most effective ways to get rid of germs that can cause illness. This is especially important if you decided to take a family vacation. Keep in mind that you will probably be in places that are well traveled and filled with germs and bacteria like airports, hotels, amusement parks, etc. Try to avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose, and mouth.

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