Why Moms Will Love Target’s New Re-Designed Store with Nursing Rooms

Why Moms Will Love Target’s New Re-Designed Store with Nursing Rooms

As if most moms didn’t love Target enough already, the brand just announced a brand-new family-friendly redesign that will be hitting stores across the nation. These new Targets are being remodeled with busy parents in mind and one of their main features are new nursing rooms, located right inside the store.

The new nursing rooms will be located near the changing rooms in the store and will be private, quiet retreats for moms looking to handle all their shopping with little ones in tow. This isn’t the first time that Target has been open and supportive of breastfeeding. In 2015, the brand garnered a great deal of attention when their policy on breastfeeding went viral.

The post stated that guests may openly breastfeed in their stores, that they are not to be approached if breastfeeding in the store and that if they are looking for an area to breastfeed, they should be sent to the fitting room, not the restroom.

The new nursing stations are already getting a positive response, thanks to the “nursing nooks” that Targeted tested earlier this year. These nooks were set up in stores across Texas and Minnesota and featured dedicated spaces where nursing and bottle-feeding moms could stop and feed their little ones. The nooks welcomed moms in with a sign that said, “Feeding Station: Please Enjoy!”

The dramatic new changes can be found in the brand’s new model store, located in Richmond, Texas. This store was built from the ground-up to feature all the company’s new family-friendly designs. Other new family-centered features in these “next-generation Targets” including a drive-up service, a pick-up counter for online orders and a separate entrance for quick-trips that has groceries and basics in the front.

You can expect these new features, including the nursing rooms in a Target near you soon, as the company announced that their new design will be rolled out across 1,000 stores by 2020.

What do you think about Target’s new family-friendly design. Will it make you more likely to head to the superstore for your next shopping trip?