Newborn and Infant Winter Safety Tips

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Newborn and Infant Winter Safety Tips

As any new parent will tell you, there are so many firsts for babies. First words, first time crawling, first birthday. However, there is always a first winter as well. When you have a newborn or infant, the first winter can be challenging, because when it’s cold outside, you need to make sure you are taking extra steps to keep your baby safe.

Cold winter temperatures can present serious issues for newborns and infants if parents aren’t careful. This is because infants lose heat faster than adults. Plus, the younger the baby is, the less able they will be to cope with the cold. With this in mind, here are a few winter safety tips that parents should remember when the winter rolls around.

Dress Your Baby in Layers

Headed out of the house? It’s time to make sure your baby layers up. If you are wearing a jacket to head out of the house, your baby should be in a winter coat and a blanket. Remember, babies are more sensitive to the cold than adults.

Dressing in layers is important because it not only allows for even more warmth, but it makes it easy for parents to adjust while on the go, so baby can always stay comfortable.

Take Off Your Baby’s Coat in the Car

Another benefit of dressing your baby in layers is that it is easy to take their coat off but still make sure they are warm and protected. You should always take your baby’s puff coat off when they are in their car seat. It is actually too much material between the baby and the car seat strap which could leave your child unsecured.

If there was ever an accident in your car, your baby could be in danger.

Keep Your Baby Close

You can actually wear your baby against your body for added warmth in the winter. Carriers are the perfect way to use your own body heat to provide your baby with extra coziness in the winter. Make sure you are still keeping their head and feet warm when you wear your baby on the body. These delicate areas can still get very cold even when your baby is strapped to your body.

Take Caution When Covering Your Baby’s Stroller

Layers are important in cold weather, but make sure that you are layering safely, particularly when your baby is in their stroller. When it’s cold outside, many parents are inclined to put a blanket over their baby’s stroller or even a plastic cover to keep heat inside. However, this could limit the airflow to your child.

If you want to add a little warmth to your baby’s stroller, make sure that you get the stroller cover that is specifically designed for your brand of stroller. This is the best way to make sure that your baby stays warm—but still can breathe.

If you are looking for more information on keeping your baby warm, healthy, and safe during this winter, feel free to contact us here at Continuum Pediatrics. Just call our office today 817-617-8600 to make an appointment with one of our doctors.