No, the Flu Shot Does Not Cause the Flu

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No, the Flu Shot Does Not Cause the Flu

Yes, you read the title correctly. Truthfully, the notion that the flu shot gives you the flu is just a common misconception.

Think about it this way: when receiving the polio or meningitis vaccine, the last thing on anyone’s mind is that the shot will cause one of these illnesses in their child. We know that these diseases are extremely rare due to the vaccine’s effectiveness, yet this is the central question we get about the flu shot.

This past flu season had some of the highest cases ever recorded, with the most pediatric deaths from the flu in almost a decade. But COVID overshadows this already constant yearly threat to our children, which already has a very safe and effective vaccine in preventing this serious disease.  And while many of us are still concerned about COVID-19, we could be sending our children back to school when two major illnesses are going on.

In addition to getting the flu vaccine to prevent the flu and lessen the severity of the disease, we encourage the frequent washing of hands, wearing masks, and regular check-ups to the doctor, especially when colder weather comes.

But Doesn’t the Flu Shot Weaken Your Immune System?

While this is another common question we receive, the answer is still no. From a biological perspective, there is no evidence that your immune system will be weakened from the flu shot, let alone any other vaccine. What it can do, however, is protect you against the flu.

The 2020-2021 flu season will begin right as children head back into classrooms, so it is recommended that you take precautions early on. To request a curbside flu shot appointment for your child, please visit call 817.617.8600 or request here.