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If you are an expectant parent, you’ve probably gone to multiple prenatal visits with your OBGYN. Once you are in your third trimester, you can request another kind of prenatal appointment, the one to meet with your child’s future pediatrician.


If you would like to choose us as your child’s pediatrician, fill out the form below and one of staff members will reach out to you.

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Why Choose Continuum Pediatrics?

Finding the right pediatrician can be a difficult task to take on, especially as a new parent. You want to feel comfortable with your pediatrician so that you can ask all the questions you want without feeling like a nuisance. As mothers and doctors, our pediatricians are not only dedicated to children’s health and development but also dedicated to helping new parents have the education and understanding they need to feel confident in supporting their child’s health.

Our pediatricians are here to help you determine healthy lifestyles for your child, offer advice for preventing illnesses and injuries, and guide you in providing the correct care for your child’s development.

Our doctors recognize that parents know their child the best, so it is essential to allow time for questions or to discuss concerns during appointments. During the first several wellness check-ups, our doctors often addresses your newborn’s sleep patterns, feeding issues, and safety concerns such as car seats, sleep positions, and SIDS.

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How Should I Prepare for My Prenatal Visit with my Child’s Pediatrician?

If you have any specific questions about parenting or your child, this is a great time to ask. This is the perfect time to discuss family preferences on things like feeding the baby (breastfeeding or formula?) and vaccinations. Often parents have questions ready that are specific to their family’s situation.


More Tips on What to Expect for Your Prenatal Visit with Your Child’s Pediatrician here.

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