Screen Time and Toddler Development

screen time and toddler development

Screen Time and Toddler Development

In today’s day and age, it seems as though technology is everywhere. From cell phones to tablets, laptops to television—we are constantly surrounded by screens. While screens can provide entertainment and even education, there’s such a thing as too much screen time for kids.

There has been a lot of debate out there about the impact of screen time on little kids. While some parents understandably welcome the distraction that screens can provide for their children, especially when they are trying to keep their kids entertained out in public. However, too much screen time can actually do far more harm than good.

Studies on young people and technology found that excessive TV viewing can impact a child’s ability to think clearly, pay attention, make smart eating choices and can be linked to behavioral problems. Studies have also found that too much screen time in general can cause language delay, poor sleep and issues with executive function. Along with these, research shows that too much screen time from an early age can result in increasing eye problems as they get older – such as eye fatigue, blurry vision and dry eyes.

It is important to limit the amount of screen time a child is exposed to every day. It is also important to limit the age in which children are first exposed to screens. Studies show that about 90% of children are using screens by their first birthday, with many using screens at just 2-3 months of age. The earlier kids start having screen time, the more serious these implications can be.

It can be tempting for anyone with a fidgety toddler to simply hand over a phone to keep them quiet and entertained. However, before you toss one over next time, take a moment to think about how this may be impacting your toddler.

If you have questions about screen time’s effect on your toddler, schedule an appointment at Continuum Pediatrics by calling 817-617-8600. It is imperative for parents to understand more about screen time’s impact on their child’s development, so they can make the best decision possible for their wellbeing.