Sun Protection for Toddlers

Sun Protection for Toddlers

As summer starts to quickly approach, and more and more little ones want to start spending time outdoors. Having a little fun in the sun is a great way for kids to unwind and burn off some extra energy. Plus, being outdoors is a great way for kids to get some much-needed vitamin D.

However, before you let your little one out in the sun, it is important to understand some of the basics of sun protection. Toddlers and young children have really sensitive skin, so they need even more protection than adults when they are spending time out in the hot, blaring sun. While most parents remember to lather up the sunscreen when

It is so important to stay on top of your child’s sun protection during the summer, particularly with that hot summer heat. Just a few serious sunburns can actually increase your child’s likelihood of developing skin cancer later on in life. The best thing you can do as a parent is to take a few extra steps to keep your baby protected from the sun. These rules should apply even when the temperatures aren’t hot, even a sunny 65 degree day can lead to a sunburn for your toddler.

  • Know When the Sun’s UV Rays Are Strongest- The sun’s UV rays are actually the most harmful midday, even if it doesn’t feel the hottest at this time. Try to plan outdoor activities for the morning or early evening. If you have to go outside midday, then try to make sure your toddler stays in the shade to keep them safe.
  • Cover Their Skin- Even if you are worried about your toddler getting hot or overheating while they’re outside, you should still consider covering their skin to protect them from UV rays. Loose, light colored and breathable long sleeves and pants can help keep your toddler’s skin protected. There are also many clothing brands out there that also certified clothing for UV protection.
  • Add Accessories- The right accessories can truly help with your child’s UV protection. A hat is a great accessory to shade the face, ears, neck and scalp. Consider a bucket-style hat for toddlers because they cover the ears. Sunglasses are a great way to protect your child’s eyes from UV rays and the delicate skin around their eyes as well.
  • Don’t Forget the Sunscreen- Quality sunscreen is one of the best tools in your toddler’s defense against UVA and UVB rays. Your child needs at least SPF 30 and needs to be applied to all exposed skin, including the nose, ears and lips as well. You should reapply sunscreen anytime your toddler gets wet, and every hour when they are out in direct sun.

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