The 5 Rs of Early Education: Start School Readiness Now

Teacher And Pupils Using Wooden Shapes In Montessori School

The 5 Rs of Early Education: Start School Readiness Now

Most parents would agree that education is extremely important when it comes to their children’s growth and development. Parents spend a lot of time getting their children ready for school and often start the education process quite early, teaching their children colors, numbers, words and shapes.

All of this is in preparation to get your kids ready for school.

However, there may be even more that parents can do to help prepare their children for school and to get their child curios and ready to learn. In fact, there have been several studies on early brain development that indicate there are a few things that parents can do to get their child ready for school.

As an easy way to remember, here are the “5 Rs” of early education that can get your child ready at an early age.

  1. READ together daily. It is never too early to start reading to your baby and it is a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in. Research suggests that reading to your child boosts activity in parts of the brain that help develop literacy, skills, language and imagination.
  2. RHYME play, talk and sing together. The AAP encourages parents to use play to help them meet their health and development milestones. Enroll in early education programs or visit local children’s museums or libraries to engage in their sense of play.
  3. ROUTINES are key. Children should have a set routine for play, meals and sleep. This will teach children that they need to know what to expect and what is expected of them. This is a great way to get your child ready for the routines that they can expect at school.
  4. REWARD kids for everyday successes. If you catch your child doing something good, then praise them for it. This is a great way to manage your child’s behavior and help them learn how to model good behavior. You should work on building your child’s self-regulation skills through positive discipline. Your child should have good social, emotional and behavior schools as they are critical to their success in school.
  5. RELATIONSHIPS are essential. Positive parent-child relationships are important to helping any child do well in school. You should also give your child a model for what healthy relationships with friends and teachers should look like.

These are all things that you can do in order to make sure your child is poised for success in the classroom. If you have questions about other things you can do to get your child school-ready, then give us a call at 817-617-8650 to schedule an appointment with Continuum Pediatrics today.