The Best First Foods to Feed Your Baby

The Best First Foods to Feed Your Baby

The Best First Foods to Feed Your Baby

One of the biggest milestones in your young baby’s life will come when your little one starts to transition to eating real foods. This is a welcome transition for many parents, yet it is one that can take some time, practice and trial and error. When you feel as though it is time for your baby to transition to real foods, you may be curious about where to start.

Just like adults, babies are going to have different palates and different taste preferences, but we have some suggestions that will help you get started and help you determine which foods are the best foods for your baby.

  • Any food can work. Don’t focus as much on the actual food that you are using, but instead on the consistency of that food. Virtually any food will work as long as it is pureed really well. You want to make sure there are no chunks to begin with when you are first introducing foods to your little one.
  • Try foods that are high in iron. Foods that are high in iron are always a good place to start as they can help prevent iron deficiency, avoid anemia growth, and promote brain development.
  • Consider infant cereals. While many parents like to puree their own foods to try to introduce their baby to several different food options, this isn’t the only option. Infant cereals are a good solution too—just make sure you read the label on any product you buy for your child.

Remember, introducing foods doesn’t have to be a really serious decision. Food at this age is for fun, so have fun with trying new foods to see if your baby likes them. Try something that you like or something common in your culture, to introduce new things into your baby’s diet.

As you start to introduce your baby to new foods, don’t slow down with breastfeeding or formula feeding, just because they are trying a few bites of new foods here and there, it doesn’t mean that they need less of their regular milk or formula diet.

Start introducing new foods and waiting a few days to determine if your baby is experiencing any allergies from these new foods. While most parents start this around 4-6 months, if you feel your baby is ready, you can start introducing foods sooner—just make sure your baby can sit up and safely eat these new foods.

If you have questions about the best first foods to feed your baby, schedule an appointment at Continuum Pediatrics by calling 817-617-8600 to schedule an appointment. We can help you find the best foods to introduce to your little one as they transition into trying more solids.

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