The Top 5 Places to Catch the Flu

top 5 places to catch the flu

The Top 5 Places to Catch the Flu

As most people know, we are currently in the middle of “flu season.” However, while most people know that you are more likely to catch the flu during this time of year, most people don’t know where they are more likely to catch the flu. As a parent, it is important that you are fully aware of the most common places that your kids can catch the flu, so you can do your best to help keep your little ones safe and healthy all season long.

Here are some of the biggest hotbeds for the flu virus.

  1. Day Care and Preschool- Most kids will need to go to daycare or preschool during the week and while these are great places to make sure that your child is cared for, and that they learn important social skills, daycares are one of the biggest hotspots for illnesses and disease. If your child is spending a lot of time in close quarters with a lot of other kids, then chances are there is someone else there that is sick, potentially with the flu. A flu shot is a great line of defense for kids who go to daycare.
  2. Airplanes- This is something that most adults likely know, but the close quarters of planes can be a hotbed for disease. Kids are even more prone to catching viruses, such as the flu, when they are on an airplane. The more you can sanitize your child and the area around them when on the plane, the better off you will be.
  3. Playdates- Playdates are fun, but if the other kid, or kids, in the playdate are sick, chances are, your child is going to catch their illnesses as well. The more you can sanitize and wash your child’s hands the better. Also, make sure that you talk to the other kids’ parents about any illnesses they have had recently and reschedule your playdate if the other parties have been ill recently.
  4. The Store- Most parents will plop their kids down in a shopping cart when they need to go to the store, the mall or the market. However, these shopping carts (particularly the kid-sized ones) are big germ magnets. There are lots of kids putting their hands, mouths and germs all over these carts. So, make sure you bring a hand sanitizer with you and wipe down the device first, and then clean your kids’ hands with soap and water when you leave.
  5. Indoor Play Places- Every kid loves seeing the big ball pits and slides at local fast food restaurants. However, while these indoor play yards are fun, they are typically filled with germs. No one knows when those plastic balls were last cleaned. If you can, try to skip these during flu season (outdoor play yards tend to have fewer germs) but if you can’t avoid them, make sure you do lots of hand washing with soap, water, and hand sanitizer.

Again, the best and first line of defense in all of these situations is HANDWASHING, and also to make sure your child has a flu shot. If you have questions about flu prevention or need to schedule you or your child’s flu shot, give Continuum Pediatrics a call.  You can schedule an appointment by calling 817-617-8600. We are here to help you stay as healthy as possible during flu season, and beyond.