The Truth About Sugar Rush

The truth about sugar rush

The Truth About Sugar Rush

The “sugar rush.” It is that sudden burst of energy that comes after drinking a sugary soft drink or eating a lot of sugary food. It is also something that parents will claim to see out of their child after they’ve had too many sweet or sugary things. We all know about the idea of a sugar rush, but what is the truth about the effects of sugar on our energy levels?

What does it really entail? Here’s a look at how sugar really impacts your child’s body. 

Sugar has been around for decades, and year after year, we continue to see more sugar in everything from food to soft drinks and more. And while research has already highlighted the relationship between sugary drinks and obesity—there is a rebuttal for those who promote these sugar drinks. They boost your mood and combat fatigue.

However, the chances are, that this may all be in our heads. Researchers have taken a detailed look at how sugar and sugar alone can impact our mood and energy levels. This is especially important in the absence of caffeine, which is shown to increase energy.

However, while some may have been expecting sugar consumption to cause an increase in mood and energy—this study found that it was related to decreased alertness and higher levels of fatigue within the first hour of consumption.

If people can start looking past this myth of the “sugar rush” and understand that drinking sugar-filled drinks is not going to help you feel better or more energized—it can help more people avoid the unnecessary onset of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndromes.

These sugary drinks and snacks will not provide us with a quick “refill” to feel more alert—but instead can make people feel more tired, have a worse mood and of course deal with the ramifications of eating such an unhealthy, processed substance.

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