Tips for Baby’s First Pediatrician Appointment

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Tips for Baby’s First Pediatrician Appointment

Have you just brought your newly born home? You might be scheduled for a pediatrician appointment.  While it is not much different from other visits to the doctor, it may take a toll on you if you go unprepared. All you need is to follow some pro tips to ensure that your first pediatrician appointment goes smoothly.

Tips for Baby’s First Pediatrician Appointment

Try to Take an Early Morning Appointment

The tip can be a game-changer if you’re a working mom and want to save time. Early mornings are the times when the doctor’s office is less busy. That means you might not have to wait around the sick children.

Plus, you can easily do the lab tests such as jaundice in the morning on your doctor’s recommendation. It helps you get the test results on the same day.

Bring Pictorial Evidence of the Discharge Papers

Bringing discharge papers to your first appointment is essential as they may contain important information regarding the baby’s birth such as lab results, prenatal history, and other statistics. Always take photos of the discharge papers in case you forget to bring the document.

If your pediatrician is from the same hospital where your baby is born, they may have the records. But if it isn’t the case, the photos can help.

Always Come With another Caregiver

Of course having someone to help you with baby stuff such as heavy strollers, diaper bags, and baby can make visiting a lot easier and hassle-free. You can pay attention to the appointment instead of just soothing and consoling the baby.

Make a Written List of Questions

The parents of a newborn have plenty of questions in mind. As your first visit can be overwhelming, it is always better to make a written list of questions you want to ask your pediatrician.

Inquire about the Lactation Services

If you want to breastfeed your baby, discuss it with your pediatrician. They may have certified lactation staff or consultants to help you. Even if they don’t, they can recommend someone in your area.

Let the Staff Check the Baby

The healthcare staff may need to unclothe or wake the baby to check their condition. Some parents are sensitive about waking up the baby or unclothing them. You need to corporate with the staff as they need to collect the information to make better health measures.

Always Carry an Extra Outfit or a Blanket

Once the staff weighed the baby, the pediatrician needs to check the infant from top to toe. It is time when your baby is likely to remain unclothed for a few minutes. You need something to wrap the baby into something and an extra blanket or a spare outfit can do the job.

When you’re with a newborn baby, things might not go as you planned them. But it is important to go prepared and follow the given tips. If you want to explore more about your baby’s first pediatrician appointment, you can call Continuum Pediatrics at 817-617-8600.