Tips to Break Up Baby Gas

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Tips to Break Up Baby Gas

As most parents of newborns know, gas is simply part of life when you have a young baby. Babies have gas. Plain and simple. However, if you find that your baby’s gas is too much and not normal, then there are several things that you can do to try to remedy this situation.

Keep in mind, sometimes babies just have bad gas, and while their own personal gas may seem overwhelming—there isn’t anything you can do about it. In other words, don’t get your expectations up too high about your baby magically getting rid of all of their gas issues.

If you need to start breaking up your baby’s gas a bit, here are a few things that you can try at home.

  • Find Which Foods May Be At Fault. Babies are the same as adults when it comes to gas issues. That means, many times, certain foods can be to blame for gas issues. If you are breastfeeding your baby, there may be certain things in your diet that are causing your baby distress. If your baby is just now transitioning to formula, then this change in diet could be to blame. However, keep in mind that food isn’t the only cause for gassiness.
  • Slow Down Your Baby’s Intake. Many times, if your baby is swallowing too much air while feeding, it can cause gas. Try swapping out different bottles and nipples to slow down the flow of liquids from the bottle into the mouth. You can also swap out your baby’s current bottle for one that is angled or vented, which is designed to help keep babies from swallowing too much extra air.
  • Don’t Forget About Burping. Even if your baby doesn’t burp easily, try taking up your burping efforts up and burp during and after feeding. The extra burping can help some babies alleviate their gas issues. Some babies may not like being interrupted while eating, but it can help with gas build up.
  • Ramp Up the Tummy Time. There are so many reasons why babies should be getting plenty of tummy time and helping with gas is one of them! Tummy time can help put extra pressure on gas in the stomach that needs to be pushed out. You can also lay your baby flat on their back and start moving their legs in a bicycle motion to help get rid of unwanted gas. Either way, it is great bonding time with your little one.

If you are worried that something may be out of the ordinary with your baby’s gas, then you can always make an appointment with one of the doctors here at Continuum Pediatrics.  You can call our office directly at 817-617-8650 to schedule a time to see one of our doctors.