What is Causing the Rash on My Baby’s Face?

What is Causing the Rash on My Baby

What is Causing the Rash on My Baby’s Face?

As a new parent, nothing can be as overwhelming as looking down at your newborn only to discover they have a rash forming on their face. Facial rashes are relatively common in babies, and there are many harmless causes of infant rashes. However, in certain situations, a rash on your baby’s face may be a sign of a more serious health issue.

Here is an overview of some of the more common causes of baby rashes, including details on which rashes are harmless and which may require a trip to the pediatrician.


Baby eczema is most common in children between the ages of 6 months and five years and is characterized by rough, irritated, inflamed or itching skin.

The good news is that eczema, although irritating, is relatively harmless and most children will grow out of their eczema. While this rash can develop on virtually any part of the body, it tends to appear on the scalp, chin, cheeks and forehead on babies 6 months and younger.

There are many causes of eczema, including both genetics and environmental factors. If your child continues to deal with this irritating skin rash, your pediatrician can help you narrow down the cause of these symptoms and find the right treatment to provide your baby with some relief.

Cradle Cap 

Cradle cap is another common rash in babies and is generally quite harmless. Typically, the rash will appear on the scalp, but it can also be on your baby’s cheeks, nose and around their eyes as well. This is because this type of rash tends to develop on areas of the skin that contain oil-producing glands.

If your baby has a rash in these areas that is red, inflamed, oily or greasy or that is developing white or yellow crusty patches—this is likely cradle cap. The good news is, this rash will typically disappear between the ages of 6 and 12 months. If the rash isn’t causing your child any discomfort—they likely won’t need any treatment, but there are some creams and medicated shampoos that can help infants who are bothered by this rash.

Baby Milia 

Baby Milia is the most common type of “rash” found in newborns, and actually impacts nearly half of newborn babies. Baby milia are tiny white or yellow bumps that develop from blocked pores on the face, and around the eyes and nose.

This type of rash appears in newborns and will typically clear up within a few weeks after birth, once the pores are open. It is best to leave this rash alone, as trying to apply creams or ointments will only clog the skin more and make the milia worse.

Newborn and Infantile Acne

Yes, newborns can get acne on their face, just like teenagers. Typically, this type of acne develops between 2 and 6 weeks of age and it occurs in about 20 percent of newborns. Infantile acne develops in babies between 3 and 6 months and is less common.

There is no real cause for concern, and parents should just continue to gently clean their baby on their normal bath schedule until the acne clears up on its own.

If you are unsure about a rash on your baby’s face or anywhere on their body, always know that you can call and schedule an appointment here at Continuum Pediatrics. You can call our office directly at 817-617-8600 today to schedule an appointment.