What Order Will My Baby’s Teeth Come In?

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What Order Will My Baby’s Teeth Come In?

Teething is one of the most important, and often difficult, phases that babies go through as they grow and develop. Teething can be uncomfortable for babies, and it can bring about a great deal of uncertainty for parents as well. Teething should not be painful to your baby or cause fever, if you feel your child is having issues with teething, call us to see how we can be of help.  

Many parents have questions about this process and about the teeth that their babies will start to get.

One of the biggest questions that parents have about this stage is “what order will my baby’s teeth come in?”

What Order Do Baby Teeth Typically Come In?

There are five different types of teeth that your baby will develop during their first three years of life. They typically appear in the same order, but there are always exceptions to the rule. There is potential for some teeth to come in slightly out of order. The typical order of tooth development is:

  1. Central Incisors, or the front teeth. Typically, babies get their bottom front teeth before their front ones.
  2. Lateral Incisors, or the teeth between the central incisors and the canines.
  3. First molars.
  4. Canines, typically right beside the front molars.
  5. Second molars.

What Ages Can I Expect My Baby’s Teeth to Come In?

Every baby is different, especially when it comes to teething. Some babies can start teething as early as 4 months to 7 months, but it is more common to get first teeth closer to 9 months. Many babies won’t get their first teeth until after they turn one. There is a great variability to which teeth come in when, but these are all normal timelines, and something that your pediatrician will be monitoring during your baby’s checkups.

The overall timeline you can expect, typically breaks down like this:

6-10 Months- Bottom central incisors

9-12 Months- Top central incisors

**The American academy of pediatrics recommends seeing a pediatric dentist after the first tooth eruption, or at age 1**

9-13 Months- Top lateral incisors

10-16 Months- Bottom lateral incisors

13-19 Months- First top molars

14-18 Months- First bottom molars

16-22 Months- Top canines

17-23 Months- Bottom canines

23-31 Months- Second bottom molars

25-33 Months- Second top molars

If you want to stay on top of your baby’s tooth development, make sure you are checking every few months.

If you have more questions about your baby’s oral health, then make sure you ask your pediatrician. You can always contact the experts here at Continuum Pediatrics. We are here to answer all of your pediatric dental questions. Give our office a call directly at 817-617-8600 to make an appointment with our team today. We are here to help you through the entire teething process.