What You Need to Know If Your Baby Has a Cone-Shaped Head

What You Need to Know If Your Baby Has a Cone-Shaped Head

What You Need to Know If Your Baby Has a Cone-Shaped Head

When you welcome a new baby into the world, it is very common to have a number of questions about your newborn—and many parents find themselves wondering what is “normal” and what is not so normal for their infant. One of the many questions that new parents have about their child has to do with the shape of their head.

If you’ve noticed that your baby has a cone-shaped head, here’s what you need to know.

The first thing for parents to realize, is there is no need to panic.

The “cone head” issue in newborns is pretty common. After a vaginal birth, many babies have a cone-shaped head, which can cause any parent to worry. But don’t worry, this elongated head shape won’t last forever. Your baby’s skull is soft and malleable at birth—on purpose. It actually makes vaginal birth easier. The birth canal is small and tight, and your baby’s bones and skull are meant to have some give and mobility so that they can pass through the birth canal.

This is what causes that elongated head shape following vaginal birth from the extra pressure. Typically, babies that are born via C-section don’t have this issue.

For most babies, this cone shape will resolve itself on its own after about two days. There is nothing to worry about, this is normal, and the issue can resolve on its own without any intervention. You may also notice that your baby’s head and scalp may have some swelling. This again is from the extra pressure on the skull during birth. If you find that these issues are not resolving on their own, then you can call your pediatrician for more information.

It is normal to experience extra worry and anxiety when welcoming a new baby into the world. However, you will have enough sleepless nights changing diapers in your future, and don’t need to lose any extra sleep over your child’s head shape.

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