Why Your Child Should Get the Flu Shot

should children get the flu shot

Why Your Child Should Get the Flu Shot

Now that fall is here, we are all about to enter into one of the most exciting times of the year (the holiday season) but also one of the most difficult times of year with cold and flu season. As any parent knows, this is the time of year when everyone in the family (kids and parents alike) tend to catch different serious illnesses that can leave them bedridden for days and have them missing school, work and all of those holiday activities.

This is why it is so important for kids to get the flu shot this time of year. The flu is no laughing matter, and it doesn’t just mean one sick day home in bed—it can lead to serious complications and even hospitalizations. Every year, millions of kids get sick with influenza, or the flu, and the flu shot is your best line of defense to protect against this condition.

If you are looking for more reasons on why your child should get the flu shot this year, and every year, take a look at some of the complications associated with influenza in children.

  • Pneumonia. Many times, severe cases of the flu can cause the lungs to get inflamed and infected.
  • Worsening of existing, long-term health issues. In fact, many kids with asthma or issues like heart disease find that their symptoms actually worsen.
  • Dehydration. A lot of children with the flu start to lose too much salt and water from lack of fluid intake and ultimately end up with serious dehydration.
  • Ear infections.
  • Brain dysfunction like encephalopathy.
  • Sinus infections and other related sinus issues

It is important to remember that children are even more at-risk for the flu than adults. Children should be vaccinated for the flu once they reach the age of 6 months. Keep in mind, that while kids should continue to get their flu shot every year—kids are particularly high-risk for getting the flu until age five. The flu shot is different every year, so even if your child got their flu shot last year—they still need to go in and get their flu shot this season as well.

If you are ready to schedule your child’s flu shot, then call Continuum Pediatrics at 817-617-8600 to schedule an appointment. It is so important for child to get their flu shot during this time of year, and we can help make sure they stay up to date on important vaccines such as this one.