Your Guide to Well-Baby Visits

Your Guide to Well-Baby Visits

There is nothing more exciting or more meaningful than bringing home a new baby. As any parent will tell you, while these first months may be filled with plenty of sleepless nights, they are also filled with many memorable milestones and moments that parents will love to treasure. However, the most important part about these first 24 months of life is making sure that you are creating a healthy foundation for your child for now, and into their future.

As a parent, you are an essential component of your baby’s overall health and wellness. This, of course, means planning trips to see your child’s pediatrician for “well-baby” visits. These visits are essential opportunities for your child’s doctor to make sure they are checking in and keeping track of how your baby is growing, feeding and developing as they should be.

A pediatrician should examine your baby in the hospital within 24 hours of their birth. This is their first official checkup. From there, you should make sure that you are bringing your child in for regular examinations on a schedule that is recommended by your pediatrician.

When you come in for these well-baby visits, here is what you can expect your doctor to do:

  • Take measurements. Your doctor will want measurements on your baby’s weight, height, and their head circumference. This information will be documented and recorded on a growth chart so you can not only see how your baby is developing but see how he or she compares to other infants his age.
  • Survey the baby’s development. During a visit with a pediatrician, your doctor will observe your infant to see whether or not their development is on track. The doctor will look at little behaviors like rolling over, sitting up, and speech patterns to make sure the baby is on track. During this time they may also do a behavioral or psychological assessment to rule out any potential issues.
  • Physical exam. Of course, during any wellness visit, a pediatrician will also do a complete physical exam. During this time, they will look at the child’s ears, eyes and mouth, listen to their heart and lungs, assess their abdomen and genitalia and look at their skin, hips, and legs—all to make sure the baby is as healthy as possible. With infants, pediatricians will also be checking the soft spots on the head to make sure they are fusing together properly.

Your baby will have an appointment a few days after birth, at two weeks of age, at the one-month mark and then fairly regularly every two months after that. It is important to make all of these appointments so that you can not only keep your baby on track with their immunizations but do these vital wellness exams as well. Here at Continuum Pediatrics, we can help make sure that your baby is getting the regular examinations they need and staying as healthy as possible during this most important time in their lives. To schedule your child’s visit with Continuum Pediatrics, give us a call at 817-617-8600.