5 Reasons to Get Your Child the Flu Shot

5 Reasons to Get Your Child the Flu Shot

School is back in session for kids all around the country, and while this not only means it is time to get back to class, activities, and carpools, it is also time for flu season. Flu season starts in the fall, and for kids who are attending school, they are not only at a higher risk of contracting the flu by being around other youngsters, but they are more likely to spread the flu to others, should they end up with it. This is why the flu shot is so important for any kid going to school. The flu shot is your child’s best defense against getting and spreading the flu. It is the best way to help prevent them from getting sick this school year.

As if this simple fact wasn’t enough, we have also created our list of the top five reasons why your child should be getting the flu shot.

  1. The flu is always changing. One of the most difficult things about treating and preventing the flu is that the virus is very smart and it is constantly evolving. So, just because your child didn’t get the flu last year, or they had a flu shot a few years ago, doesn’t mean that the same strand of the virus is going to be prevalent this year. They may not be protected from this season’s most powerful bug.
  2. Kids will get more sick from the flu than adults. One of the biggest reasons that kids need to be diligent about their flu shots is because kids are more susceptible to the flu than healthy adults, due to their developing immune systems. The flu can come with coughs, body aches, fever and even cause hospitalization in many young ones.
  3. Influenza can put the whole family at risk. Since your child is going to be around hundreds of other kids at school, they are going to be much more likely to pick something like the flu up from their peers. If your child is not protected, they cannot only contract the flu virus but spread it to the entire family when they get home. This is particularly critical if you have babies or elderly individuals living in your home who are even more vulnerable.
  4. It keeps kids in school. Your child should be at school where they belong during the school year, so they can learn, grow and play with their friends. The flu can leave kids at home or bedridden for as long as a week. The flu shot can help lessen the chances of this from happening.
  5. It is your job as a parent to protect your children. Keep you children and family safe this year by getting your entire household vaccinated. Even healthy children are not immune and should get their flu shots.

Remember flu season isn’t just in the winter. It runs from October to May. Here at Continuum Pediatrics, we not only encourage parents to give their child a flu shot, but we offer them right here in our office. If you want to make an appointment for your child to get a flu shot, give us a call at 817-617-8600 today. It is important that your child gets their flu shot before it really starts to spread, there is no better time to schedule it than now.